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96% of 2,500 leaders attending our programs stated they had gained new knowledge and insights and the program was a valuable use of their time

Outstanding design and facilitation… a rare combination of intellectual depth, subject-matter expertise and customer-centricity; regularly going ‘above and beyond’ to ensure our program is a success.

Bernardino Provera, Head of Group Academy, Generali

Watch Shiva explaining why facilitation is at the core of everything we do…

Our approach

Lasting impact is about a people-centered approach to development and growth that sticks.

How we help:

Informal conversation – sometimes it’s as easy as just needing to chat to someone external about the issues you are facing. A fresh pair of eyes with focus and intuition! Get in touch. We’re happy to listen and offer some initial advice or can refer you to someone else in our network. No strings attached.

Structured conversation – sometimes you need a bit more support with structuring your thinking. We have a range of tools that can help. These will support you to pinpoint the impact you are trying to achieve and how your organization needs to develop and grow to achieve success.

Facilitated discussion – if you’ve arrived at the conclusion that change and development is required, you might need our help to facilitate a discussion with your team, key stakeholders or the wider organization. This will engage them and create a shared sense of ownership, purpose and accountability for the future.

Off-site development activities – at this point there’s an agenda for change in place, and you now need high impact development activities that will grow and develop your people. We love this bit. But don’t forget you need the next bit too…

On-the-job development activities – without finding meaningful ways to apply learning into the day job plus measure progress, we caution you that the return to your business will be significantly lower. Again, we’re here to help you get this bit right.

In 2017, Nazarbayev University assessed the knowledge gained by 400 participants attending our programs. They reported an overall improvement of 87%.