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Communication programs for lasting impact and growth
Photography: Giuliano Koren

13% of employees feel their leaders communicate effectively. Our communication programs help leaders reverse this statistic

Relevant, effective, and focused. The best communication trainer I have ever had.

Elena Henriquez Suarez, Head of Intelligent Networks and Communication, DNV GL

Watch Shiva in action talking about power communication…


Real impact comes through smart engagement. Our Power Communication programs develop communicators who speak so others listen and remember. Our programs are for organizations in need of high impact communication and messages that stick. Communicators – in all capacities (senior managers, public speakers, trainers, consultants) – learn tools to use in a variety of situations from delivering presentations, leading technical and soft skills training, pitching ideas, or running team engagement activities. Power Communicators demonstrate:

Facilitative listening

Presence and authority

Logic and insights through questions

Ability to transform an audience into speakers and doers

Activities are designed to combine individual, small group and large group activities. Activities are either delivered as high impact intensive events (‘Play-shops’), or, dispersed across a series of months with TEDx style events and in-house programs that are aligned with the company’s strategy and business planning cycle.

We help by providing workshops, action learning plans, plus assessments to pinpoint your most powerful communication channels and strategies.

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