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Facilitation program for lasting impact and growth

35% is the performance increase seen in highly engaged workforces. An engaged team is demonstrably more productive and resilient

Thanks to you, I like facilitation more than finance!

Gorana Rasic, Chief Finance Officer and Executive Director of Generali Osiguranje Srbija

Watch Shiva in action talking about facilitation…


In a world where change is constant, leaders carry the responsibility for navigating their organizations through uncertainty and complexity. They also need to engage their people with the organization’s direction of travel, values and strategies. Engagement is crucial.

Our Train the Facilitator programs transform leaders into successful facilitators. This enables them to develop higher buy-in and engagement with their teams; promoting shared responsibility and accountability in the organization. Successful facilitators are experts at:

Empowering teams to reach agreements and find solutions

Improving decision making processes and strategic discussions

Enhancing discussion quality

Managing difficult conversations and reducing high stakes conflict

Facilitation programs are ideally offered over several months and are cross functional. This allows future facilitators to create a diverse network of continuous peer learning. Targeted on-the-job practice opportunities helps reinforce learning and behavioral change.

We help by providing workshops, coaching, and communities of practice. We can also provide master facilitators and moderators when external support is required to help groups agree a blueprint for action.

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