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85% of leaders blame internal factors for constraining growth

Thanks to the positive impact of your training and advice, my business is growing and has attracted investment.

Andrei Strelets, Award winning entrepreneur and Chief Executive of Strelets Organic Farming

Watch Morven in action talking about the Kazakhstan Entrepreneurship Program…


Without a commitment to growth, organizations decline and stagnate. Our Growth programs support entrepreneurs and business leaders to gain new insights and competencies necessary to unlock their organization’s full growth potential. This enables them to build an ambitious and sustainable business, plus attract and retain a talented and high performing workforce. Growth leaders are adept at:

Developing a compelling product and service offering that is distinctive in the market and highly valued by customers

Exploring how to operate and build a business model that truly fulfils the company’s value proposition

Engaging and leading a high performing team successfully through the different stages of growth

Anticipating the resource and investment requirements required to successfully grow.

We offer business accelerator programs. These are a combination of workshops, coaching, showcases, case studies, networking and peer-to-peer activities, plus action learning sessions to drive learning into business growth plans. Ideally sessions are run over the course of a number of months so that participants can embed learning into their businesses. Webinars and other online support help maintain momentum.

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