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65% of senior managers believe behaviors and culture are the most important factors to impact successful innovation in their organization

Deep knowledge of innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship. Passionate and engages audience.

Iona Thomson, Client Director, Executive Education, University of Bath

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For innovation to be an organizational success, senior managers need to implement a robust process that can identify and implement ideas of real value to the organization, its customers and stakeholders. More importantly, creating a high-performing innovation culture is proven to be key for engaging people with new ideas and creative solutions.

Our Innovation programs resource business leaders to deploy innovation strategically in their organizations and to engage people with new ideas.  Innovation leaders are accomplished at:

Identifying strategic drivers for innovation

Creating an innovation culture

Implementing innovation processes and support tools

Building staff engagement with innovation

We help by offering a wide range of innovation program support, from 1 day introduction sessions to 18 month on-site consultancy services. Activities include diagnostics, workshops and training, stakeholder and market analysis, ongoing coaching and support tools, communications and brand development.

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