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80% of leaders say they have lost their sense of purpose both personally and professionally. Yet, a leader’s purpose is their brand and the very thing that makes them distinctive within their industry.

An insightful and impactful program that met business learning objectives, and importantly, that our executives rated highly.

Nic Anderson, Managing Director, Land Business Defence and Security Division, Babcock International Group


Significant research demonstrates that a more engaged workforce is more productive, resulting in a higher performing and more profitable organization. This is also true of leaders themselves – the more they feel aligned in terms of values and purpose, the more likely they are to support and drive a consistent and compelling vision of organizational success for the future.

Our Purpose programs provide a safe haven for executives and senior leaders to explore personal and corporate values, plus what it means to build a high-performing organization. Purposeful leaders are skillful at:

Identifying drivers of change and growth

Aligning personal and organizational values

Building staff engagement and a compelling employer brand

Understanding their leadership style and how to create a high-performing team

We offer a combination of individual and organizational tools and activities ranging from 1 day leadership sessions to 6 month company-wide programs exploring values and engagement.

Activities include diagnostics, focus groups, executive team workshops, management training, and frontline engagement programs.

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