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In essence…
we’re good with people.

More than 4,500 businesses have benefited from our meticulously designed learning and development programs.

How do we do it? You set the agenda for development and growth; we listen… and then, provide the design and teaching firepower to make it happen.

Our 15 years of design and teaching experience within leadership and business education has been channelled into our DareDesign methodology. Request a copy of our DareDesign cards and see some of the methods we use to create great learning journeys. Learning can happen in the classroom, online, on the go. Use this resource to explore new approaches, inspire creativity and communicate your vision.

We’ve designed for entrepreneurs looking to innovate and grow; government agencies tasked with stimulating economic development; organizations seeking to improve their leadership and organizational capability; international business schools offering customized corporate education. We believe passionately that the more you invest in people, the more forward thinking and sustainable your organization will be.

We also believe in true co-creation, where your voice is heard, and you benefit from a highly original learning and development experience that meets your needs.

If you’re seeking learning design specialists for leadership development with strong affiliations in the international corporate education community, contact us at and let’s talk.

Original Editions are proud sponsors of this year’s Maverick and Wild Awards for innovative Scottish writers and artists at the Tom McGrath Trust.

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