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90% of 500 leaders stated that the content of our programs remains useful and relevant after 5 years

I have worked with Original Editions for several years. As a business leader, there are multiple demands on my time; the clarity of thinking being provided by the team is refreshing, rewarding and successful.
Steve Yianni, Non- Executive Director AIRTO and TWI

Watch Morven in action talking about the Kazakhstan Entrepreneurship Program…

About us

You set the agenda for development and growth; we provide the firepower to make it happen.

3,500 businesses have benefited from our meticulously delivered leadership and organizational development programs.

Our portfolio includes: entrepreneurs looking to innovate and grow; government agencies tasked with stimulating economic development; organizations seeking to improve their leadership and organizational capability; and, international business schools seeking innovation, leadership, and people experts.

We believe passionately that the more you invest in your people, the more forward thinking and sustainable your organization will be.

We also believe in true co-creation, where your voice is heard, and you benefit from a highly original learning and development experience that meets your needs.

They say, the world’s gotten very complicated! We say: you need to flip the script. Get in tune with the changing times by turning ‘I’ to ‘we’. Drive for shared ownership, responsibility and accountability. Collaborate, partner and co-create. Facilitate rather than direct. Communicate by listening rather than talking. Provide a compelling sense of Purpose and make your organization a haven for talent, Innovation and Growth.

In essence: we’re good with people. Contact us and let’s talk.

Clients include:

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